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Female Pattern Hair Loss

Marcella Ferens was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on New Year's Day, 1914. She was an adopted child and used to tell stories of a childhood spent growing up in her uncle's barbershop. Marcella was greatly influenced by people who were battling hair loss. She was dismayed at their limited options. Marcella disliked wigs and hair pieces because she thought they didn't look natural and cost too much money. She vowed to find a better solution.

Marcella obtained her B.S. at the University of Pittsburgh. As of 1937, Marcella was a cosmetologist and electrologist. She was also the owner of a number of patents in the beauty industry. During World War II she served in the Army Chemical Corp and tested gas masks. After the war, Marcella married and had two boys. Her husband was paralyzed in a coal mining accident and Marcella took over running the 150 acre farm with 350 head of beef cattle. Somehow Marcela found the time to obtain a private pilot's license and enjoyed flying in and out of the farm.

She continued her research and education and received her Master's Degree and PhD in Chemistry from Duquesne University. Marcella did all of this and worked fulltime for the Hempfield School District as a teacher in the subjects of reading, math, drama and cosmetology. She received a prestigious teaching honor and served on the National Council of Teachers of Math. Marcella was accepted into the International Platform Association placing her in the company of great thinkers such as Mark Twain and John F. Kennedy.

Through all of this, Marcella stayed true to her mission to find a better solution for hair loss. After officially retiring at the age of 60, Marcella then began to focus on her passion full-time. Marcella based her hair treatment on the belief that hair follicles never die.  Even completely bald scalps have hundreds of thousands of dormant hairs. She developed her own all natural herbal tincture and then perfected a method of introducing this formula into the scalp by using electricity. Marcella's treatment method is featured in the History of Baldness book and every Who's Who for the past fifty years.

In the 1970's Marcella's hair treatment became very well known due to an appearance on national NBC news and numerous positive press articles. Marcella continued to work out of her shop on the farm in rural Darragh, Pennsylvania. She preferred to do her professional treatment herself and soon had a waiting list of over a thousand clients. In the late 1970's journalists fought over the opportunity to make a documentary of her life story.

Marcella was pursued by many large drug manufacturers but refused to sell her secret herbal formula. In the 1980's, Upjohn scientists (the makers of Rogaine at the time) would pretend to be clients in order to obtain a scalp treatment. They were so determined to learn the ingredients in Marcella's formula that they performed biopsies on their own scalps! Marcella attracted the attention of many celebrities and would jet set to Beverly Hills to do treatments for Frankie Vali, Neil Diamond and Peter Frampton - just to name a few. Marcella never lost focus on her mission and she became recognized as one of America's foremost hair regrowth researchers. She has received honorary doctorates and professor emeritus status from numerous universities all over the world. It is rumored that she has been brought to the attention of the Nobel Prize Committee for an award in Chemistry.

She was a humble woman who did not seek fortune or fame. There was only one thing she cared about and that was helping others to feel better about themselves. Nothing made her happier than all of the testimonials, thank you letters, flowers and gifts she received from her many clients.

After many years of thorough investigation, Marcella was granted FDA approval for her method in 1992. She introduced this method to her grand-daughter, Linda Ferens and mentored her over a ten year period of apprenticeship. Marcella then sold her corporation to her grand-daughter in January of 2008 for a lucky $2 bill. Marcella Ferens has helped hundreds of thousands of men, women and children regrow their own hair. Marcella continued to make her herbal formula and treat clients until her death on June 25, 2008 at the age

of 94.

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