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Male Pattern Hair Loss

The MARCELLA Herbal Tincture

Our unique blend of herbs revitalize and rejuvenate the scalp. They increase blood circulation and re-energize the hair follicles. The herbs open up the follicles and enlarge them so that the hair produced is no longer so thin and fine. The herbal blend also strengthens the hair roots to stop the progression of hair loss and maintains a healthy scalp environment for vigorous hair growth. The MARCELLA Herbal Tincture is present in all of our products and is used in our professional treatment sessions.

Clients who have had previous implants or scalp reduction surgery notice that the Marcella Herbal Tincture expedites the healing process, reduces the noticeability of scars, reactivates older "plugs" and helps newly transplanted hair to thrive. The MARCELLA products and treatments are the ideal way to begin to detox your body from harsh chemicals used in other hair growth methods or dangerous prescriptions.           

My Story

Treatment Results

The Natural Approach

In the many years that we have been in business, we have seen the number of people experiencing hair loss dramatically increase. This is especially true of alopecia. What used to be an unknown term is now quite mainstream. Our theory is that the body's function has been limited by overexposure to toxins. By removing chemical product exposure, we see increases in new hair growth.                     

Linda​ Ferens, Owner, 3rd Generation Practitioner

"Marcella Ferens was not your typical grandmother. Instead of an apron, she wore a white lab coat. Instead of offering a plate of home-made cookies, she showed you before and after photos of clients' heads. I grew up thinking that was normal and didn't understand the significance of her work until I was much older. During one visit to Pennsylvania, Grandma had a free afternoon and invited me to receive a hair treatment. I told her, "Grandma, I already have hair!". She laughed and said that the treatment would make my hair grow faster and stronger. Mostly to humor her, I agreed. It was about two weeks later that I was in Miami for the first time. I went to pull my hair back into a ponytail and was utterly amazed. It was my best ponytail ever! My hair had always been a bit sparse at the temples and front hairline and now it looked full and healthy. I finally got it! My grandmother had always shared stories about her business but it wasn't until she was in her 80's that she began to divulge her secrets. I spent many years traveling back and forth from Minnesota to Pennsylvania to learn her methods. I distinctly remember our last visit together. Grandma sat me down and told me that her blood was my blood and that it was now my time to take her life's work into the next generation. She died a mere six months later. I am still humbled by the tremendous legacy she has given to me. "

Treatment Sessions

Individual treatment sessions are available upon appointment. Please contact us for a free initial assessment and hair loss consultation. Our professional treatment is done in 30 minute sessions once every two weeks. Weekly treatments may be scheduled in the case of a significant auto-immune response. The cost per treatment session is $50. Treatments cannot be done on children under the age of 3 years, anyone who is pregnant, has diabetes or epilepsy, has a pacemaker or heart and circulatory problems, has orthodontic braces or metal implants. The initial consultation will determine whether or not any of these exclusions will be an issue for you. If so, we will encourage the use of products in lieu of the treatments.                  

Hair and Scalp Apothecary

Our exclusive line of hair and scalp products is 100% natural, time tested and proven. The extensive line of hair growth shampoo bars and in home alopecia treatment products is available on Etsy.  Our Etsy shop, MARCELLA HERBAL, is also home to hundreds of five star reviews and personal testimonials. We have been recently rated as being in the top 1% of all Etsy sellers worldwide.                     

Marcella Ferens pioneered her unique method of growing hair in the late 1930's. She developed an all natural herbal tincture that partners with an electric delivery method. The ionic chemical structure of her tincture is activated by electricity. This is also known as electroherbalism. To learn more about our namesake, please check out Our History.